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Salaris: 650 euro
Opleiding: WO / master
Werkgever: Randstad
Regio: Zuid-Holland
Plaats: LEIDEN
Postcode: 2333CD

We offer an internship within an international, fast growing, and diverse organization. Mentor Medical Systems BV is known worldwide as a world-class manufacturer and supplier of medical products. There is plenty of room for personal input and creative ideas as we are always open to new innovations! You will work together with motivated colleagues who are in for a chat and are always willing to help you when needed. In addition to gaining substantive knowledge and practical experience, thisinternship also offers you the opportunity to have a look inside one of Johnson&Johnson’s entities.

what we offer

  • €650 internship compensation
  • You get the space to develop yourself
  • your tasks based on yours and our wishes
  • Insight into Mentor, an entity of Johsnon&Johnson

who are you

We are looking for an HBO or higher student, who gets energized from brainstorming, coming up with new ideas and working with nice colleagues. You often may implement the ideas you come up with. We also expect you to be a team player as well as an independent worker. It is an advantage if you have previous internship or work experience, but we can also teach you the tricks of the trade. Because we are an international organization, it is essential that you have a good command of both Dutch and English.

what will you do

1. System familiarization:
Pre-built machine: Understand the pre-built machine’s capabilities. This includes the camera type, processing power, available software, and communication protocols.
Software exploration: Familiarize yourself with the pre-installed software. This might involve learning basic functionalities, user interface navigation, and data output formats. You can assist the team by:
o Documenting your findings about the software.
o Creating user-friendly summaries for other interns or non-technical team members.

2. Product understanding:
Product characteristics: Collaborate with the engineering team to understand the new product group’s features, potential defects, and critical inspection points. Data collection: You might be involved in gathering sample images of the product, capturing variations and potential defects.

3. Algorithm selection and adaptation:
Pre-trained models: The team might already have pre-trained models for specific inspection tasks. You can assist by researching existing models and their suitability for the new products.

4. System configuration and testing:
Integration: The team will integrate the chosen algorithm with the pre-built machine’s software. You can support by documenting the setup process and any challenges encountered. Testing and optimization: The team will test the system with various product samples.

where will you work

Mentor Medical Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of breast implants and is part of the international Johnson&Johnson group. The office in Leiden develops and produces high-quality implants which are used in plastic surgery all over the world. During your internship you will work independently. You will be supervised by Siard Kuipers, the Innovation Development Engineer.

job application

Ben je geïnteresseerd? Voldoe je aan het profiel en denk jij deze stageplek met veel enthousiasme te kunnen vervullen? Dan nodigen we je graag uit te reageren! Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent.

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent.